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My name is Zeljko Babic . from the beginning , I ques former Yugoslavien . The reason to start GPB (Wizard Pool Bosnia Ek.för ) from the beginning was to show to my fly fishing friends what my country had to offer to all fly fishing lovers.

Now, five years after I and all others who work with me have decided to broaden the content on the website. We have noticed that there is great interest about fly tying , and therefore we decided to try to meet such demands on us. In our work we try to be independent of anyone who has their own opinion about fly tying is to be conducted , but also the same setting to all producers of fly tying materials and equipment. We also hope that you , our readers can help us to be even better with your views on our work. On this page , we will strive to :

* Visa to you as many as possible of fly patterns in video elle " ste bystep " shape.

* Writing about new and exciting fly-fishing destinations in the whole world .

* Refresh the page so often that you may have the newest related to fly tying and fly fishing to do.

* Writing and Entomology .

* Test new products and equipment used in fly fishing and fly tying ( Your wishes are of course welcome ) .

* GPB welcomes anyone interested to contribute their articles or new ideas. Also want to inform all organizations and private persons that we like to lay out all the information about their activities and similar events (of course this is with fly fishing or fly tying to do). Contact us for more info.

We at GPB are very grateful if you would help us to be better with your suggestions and new notions rather . We also put great value on " Rice & Rose" in our work. Anyone who wants to be involved and actively working with us is welcome in our TEAM

Guide Pool Bosnia Ek.för

Zeljko Babic