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Zeljko Babic

Zeljko Babic lives and works in Sweden. He was born in Jajce, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He got his first experiences in angling on the River Pliva. During his thirty-five-year long angling career he has specialized in angling on the rivers Pliva, Ribnik, Una and Unac. He has mastered all fly-fishing techniques and his speciality is fishing for grayling with dry fly. Zeljko is excellent at tying dry flies for fishing for grayling and trout, however he also tyes all other kinds of flies for fishing for trout, grayling, rainbow trout, sea trout, and pike.

Zeljko also works as as fishing guide in Scandinavia – Sweden and Norway. In this area he has gained great experience fishing for grayling and trout. He goes fishing mostly in the regions of Härjedalen and Lapland, both in the Swedish and the Norwegian part of this region which is really attractive for fly-fishing. In Norway, he mostly guides anglers on the rivers Gloma and Rena. One can also come across his name in Swedish and Norwegian magazines for anglers where he has published a few well-received articles on fly-fishing, entomology, tying flies for fishing and angling in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Scandinavia. Together with his family, he is the founder and owner of the ”Guide Pool Bosnien” business.


Sasa Gavrilovic


Sasa Gavrilovic is one of the best anglers and guides in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He was born in Gornji Ribnik, Bosnia and Herzegovina, where he started his angling career 25 years ago. Now he works as a guide at several angling destinations among which are the rivers Sana, Sanica, Una and Pliva, but his favourite is definitely the river Ribnik, at the banks of which he was born. He has mastered all fly-fishing techniques but his narrower speciality is dry fly fishing for grayling and trout. At the same time, Sasa works professionally at tying flies and is successful in it. His flies can be bought on all fishing sites along the rivers in former Yugoslavia, but they are the most popular on the waters of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Slovenia.


All our clients are offered the opportunity to use our experienced fishing guides on all of our rivers. They all have fished on theses waters for many years.If you are interested for their services it would be best to make the booking as early as possible, preferably a few months ahead. It may happen that In the April – June and September - November periods our guides are already booked which will make it difficult for us to fulfill your requirements.

If you decide to use the services of our guides, please read the following conditions that are applied for the arrangement:

  • The client and the guide meet at the agreed site (most often the very site where the fishing is to take place). If so arranged, our guides can meet the client at the airport or some other agreed upon place. In such a case, prices applied are as shown in the table below.
  • The guide makes plans for the fishing and the fishing sites as agreed with the client and to suit the clients wishes expressed.
  • The guide helps the client with the choice of flies, the place to start fishing etc. if the client wishes so and to the extent the client requires it.
  • The guide suggests the places to start fishing.
  • The guide purchases the fishing permit for the client if the client wishes so. Fishing permit is not part of the guiding price, so the client will have to buy one himself/herself.
  • If the client is interested in it, the guide can suggest the place to rest, the nearest shops to visit, acquiring flies etc.
  • The guide will also contact local fly tyers if the client wants it.
Contact us by e-mail for all other information about guide booking.
Time Week/6 fishing days Day/8 hours Half-day/4 hours Trophy part/Day permit
Pliva River 360€ 100€ 50€ -
Ribnik River 360€ 100€ 50€ -
Una & Unac River 360€ 100€ 50€  
Car/ km using the guide’s car 0,40 €/km 0,50 €/km 0,50 €/km  

*The prices given are for groups of 1-3 persons. For larger groups, please contact us by e-mail.

Prices of fishing permits

Prices of fishing permits on the rivers Pliva, Ribnik, Sana, Una and Unac in 2021.

River /Permit Pliva, Ribnik & Sana Una & Unac Trophy Part
One-day Permit 50€ - -
Three-day Permit - -  

*All prices with VAT included